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Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics - Partner support for the J111 Pre and World Championships 2020

In anticipation of the interest registered at last years Championships in Chicago, the European Fleet is delighted to announce its partnered with Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics, to offer two alternative routes for J111s to cross the pond (and back as required).

Class contact at Sevenstar Wouter Verbraak comments; “This partnership should add to the growing competitive J111 fleet racing around the World, and we are delighted to be an enabler, and partner for the future”

With sufficient take-up drops in Southampton and back maybe possible, otherwise a quick channel hope with others in the fleet is possible. With mast up and keel on sailings twice a month from Cleveland, and once a month from Baltimore the options are open. More details for owners are available on the Sevenstar and Worlds websites.

The timing of the World Championships is designed to make it as easy as possible for the North American owners and crew. This should mean the least disruption to the local and national US sailing programmes.

Simon Bamford, the Fleet Captain says:“We are delighted that Sevenstar has chosen to partner with us, hopefully making it as simple and as cost effective as possible for multiple boats to participate from the USA”

Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics

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