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Land Union Royal Southern September Regatta

Some Champagne (given Land Unions sponsorship, maybe beer and bratwurst) sailing conditions treated the competitors and J/111's entered in the final regatta of the Royal Southern Yacht Club's Summer Series. Indeed this also formed the final Regatta of the J/111 One Design Northern European Series 2022, so more to follow!

With Sabriel on the dock and Snow Leopards crew off on holiday, honeymoon and weddings etc, the fleet was not as full as the start of the season, with seven entered. However, this did not stop the absent race skippers participating in the Saturday party (thanks to Land Union) and one helping on the Race Committee. Team effort!

Some particularly tight racing the course, with Chris Jones commenting on one finish ..'six inches must have separated us from McFly on the line.' In this tussle it was McFly that prevailed. But Journeymaker stuck to their guns, and clinched the Regatta prize with great performances on the Sunday.

Chris Jones and Louise Makin - Journeymaker, with Land Union CEO Lutz Strangemann

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