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It was great to have 5 J111s out competing in the first races of our series. Congrats to Journeymaker for not only leading the J111 series but also topping the Spring Champs. Who says J111s can’t compete in IRC?

I am extracting the J111 results on elapsed time. The Series results so far -

Race 1

5 J111s raced, so 5 points for first place

5 points Raging Bull

4 points Journeymaker

3 points Jitterbug

2 points Jagerbomb

1 point Kestrel

Race 2

Journeymaker 5 points

Raging Bull, Jitterbug, Jagerbomb and Kestrel all Time Limit Exceeded.

It seems that I am going to have to make up a scoring rule for this situation. The spirit of our series dictates that turning up should be rewarded. However giving all TLEs 4 points seems a little unfair on Journeymaker. Similarly, giving us all 1 point seems to unduly reward Journeymaker and fails to reward turning up. I suggest we take the higher possible score, i.e. the score below that of the last finishing boat and divide by 2, i.e. 4/2 = 2 points each.

If anyone thinks I have mis-scored please PM me.

Unfortunately for some, day 2 was excluded from our series in respect for Covid/no overnights. Nevertheless we had a great day on the water with J111s shining on the Solent.

See you next weekend.

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