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COVID Compliant J-Cup Regatta is GO!

J/Cup 2020 goes ahead with new eligibility criteria - 3-5 September 2020 is confirmed by Key Yachting. RORC and Key are giving assurance that this regatta will be operated following all the latest Covid-19 guidance from NHS England and the Government.

The RORC Race Management team have set the eligibility criteria for the forthcoming J/Cup as follows: • Double handed entries • Crewed entries – Crews of up to a maximum of 6 people from any household (minimum of 3) OR or two-thirds of a boat’s IRC crew number (rounded down) whichever is the least. This amends IRC rule 22.4.

This means we can sail with 5 crew. The six UK based J111's have confirmed they will enter.

‘It’s great news that J-Cup is going ahead on a COVID compliant basis. Snow Leopard and the other UK based J111’s are looking forward to the occasion, particularly given the reluctant cancelation of the J111 Worlds as a result of the pandemic. We all look forward to the slick race management and event organisation of the RORC as host, and the camaraderie of the other J Boat community.'

Snow Leopard Skipper

Berthing at the Cowes Yacht Haven and hoping the RORC Cowes Clubhouse will, if at all possible, be able to arrange a compliant sit-down Prize-giving Dinner on Saturday 5 September.

Stay posted.

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